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Cloudbreak Therapeutics: Application published: “Compositions and Methods for Treating Pterygium”

July 27, 2017: The USPTO today published a patent application filed by Cloudbreak Therapeutics, LLC of Irvine, CA: U.S. Application Publication No. 2017/0209368, “Compositions and Methods for Treating Pterygium”.

According to the published abstract:

Compositions and methods for inducing pterygium regression from visual axis/central cornea, stabilizing pterygium, treating hyperemia and symptoms in pterygium patients, and treating pterygium recurrence following pterygiectomy are disclosed. The methods include administration of a multikinase inhibitor, an antimetabolite or a combination thereof to patients in need thereof.

The published application can be viewed at the USPTO website at http://pdfaiw.uspto.gov/.aiw?Docid=20170209368.

Note: A published application is not an issued patent. The USPTO automatically publishes most applications 18 months after filing, and the publication is simply a copy of the as-filed application, without examination.