Imprimis Pharmaceuticals: Application published: “Epinephrine-Based Ophthalmic Compositions for Intraocular Administration and Methods for Fabricating Thereof”

March 1, 2018: The USPTO today published a patent application filed by Imprimis Pharmaceuticals of San Diego, CA: U.S. Application Publication No. 2018/0055790, “Epinephrine-Based Ophthalmic Compositions for Intraocular Administration and Methods for Fabricating Thereof”.

According to the published abstract:

Pharmaceutical compositions for intraocular injection are described, the compositions comprise therapeutically effective quantity of lyophilized preservative-free and sulfite-free epinephrine or adrenaline and a metal chelator. Methods for fabricating the compositions and using them for intraocular injections are also described.

Published Claim 1 recites:

1. A method for preparing a pharmaceutical composition, the method comprising:
(a) preparing an aqueous composition consisting of:
(a1) a therapeutically effective quantity of at least one compound selected from the group consisting of epinephrine, phenylephrine, EPI-Shugarcaine and tropicamide;
(a2) at least one metal chelator;
(a3) optionally, at least one anesthetic;
(a4) optionally, at least one non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug; and
(a5) a quantity of sterile water, wherein the composition is optionally free of sulfites and is free of preservatives; and
(b) lyophilizing the aqueous composition, to obtain thereby the lyophilized pharmaceutical composition.

The published application can be viewed at the USPTO website at

Note: A published application is not an issued patent. The USPTO automatically publishes most applications 18 months after filing, and the publication is simply a copy of the as-filed application, without examination.