Brief directory of companies having an ophthalmic footprint in Orange County

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NameLinkLocationBrief Description
Second Sight Medical Products, Inc., CARetinal prosthesis
Ivantis, Inc., CAImplantable microstent
NVision Viejo, CALASIK surgery
Alcon LenSx
Aliso Viejo, CALasers for cataract surgeries
ActivX Biosciences (Kyorin) Jolla, CAOphthalmic Pharmaceuticals
AcuFocus, CAPresbyopia, small aperture technology
Medtronic, CAMedical Devices
Bausch & Lomb Surgical Viejo, CASurgical
Abbott Medical Optics Inc. Ana, CAOphthalmic surgical products
Glaukos Corporation Hills, CAGlaucoma treatment
TearLab Diego, CADry eye diagnostic
WaveTec Vision Systems, Inc. Viejo, CAIntra-operative aberrometer refractive cataract surgery
Tekia, CAAccommodative IOLs
Presbia, CAOphthalmic devices
EPGL Medical Sciences, CAElectronically enhanced contact lenses
J&J Vision Ana, CACataract and laser refractive surgery
Allergan, Plc, CAPharmaceuticals
Halozyme Therapeutics Diego, CAClinical-stage biotechnology
Tracon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Diego, CAClinical stage biopharmaceuticals
Calhoun Vision Viejo, CAAdjustable intraocular technology
Alcon Research, Ltd., CAEye care products
JeniVision, Inc., CABiotech and pharmaceutical therapies
RxSight, Inc. Viejo, CAAdjustable intraocular technology
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc., CARNAi-based therapeutics
OptiMedicahttp://www.optimedica.comSanta Ana, CALaser cataract surgery
Allegro Ophthalmics, LLC Juan Capistrano, CAOphthalmic drug discovery
AqueSys, Inc. Viejo, CAImplantable transcleral stents
SpectraScience Diego, CAOptical Biopsy System
Aerie Pharmaceuticals, CAGlaucoma therapies
Biosense Webster (J&J) Bar, CAMedical Devices
KeraMed, CACorneal Surgery Devices
Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Diego, CAOphthalmic pharmaceuticals
ReVision Optics Forest, CACorneal inlay for presbyopia
OCTANe Viejo, CA Technology innovation accelerator
Nanovision Biosciences Diego, CANanotech retinal prosthesis
Nemus Bioscience, Inc. Mesa, CAGlaucoma treatments
Staar Surgical Company Viejo, CAIOLs and surgical tools
SynergEyes, CAHybrid contact lenses
DOSE Medical Hills, CAIOP sensor systems
Doheny Eye Institute Angeles, CAResearch, education and eye care
LensGen, Inc., CABiomimetic accommodating IOL
ClarVista Medical Viejo, CAModular IOLs
Eyenuk, Inc. Angeles, CAAI for identifying diabetic retinopathy
USC Roski Eye Institute
Los Angeles, CAResearch, education and eye care
Konan Medical USA, Inc., CADiagnostic devices
TearLab Corporation Diego, CADiagnostics for tear osmolarity
Cloudbreak Therapeutics, LLC Irvine, CA Ophthalmic pharmaceuticals
Caltech, CAResearch
Amgen Inc. Oaks, CABiopharmaceuticals
Altaviz, LLC, CASurgical delivery solutions
Sydnexis, Inc. Diego, CAEye Drops
1CO, Inc., CAAccommodating IOLs
Smart EyeDeas I, LLC Angeles, CACorneal Mapping

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